About Us

About Us

Thunder Components Ltd. (Thunder) was established on September, 1971 in Taipei, which as been producing and exporting Resistors for more than 40 years. Through the well-communication between us and our customers, and many different and well established selling channels, we successfully sold our products to a lot of dealers and distributors in every corner of the entire world.

In 1991, Thunder decided to extend its factory to GuanZhou city, China and also set up a sub-company, Thunder Technology Co. LTD., at the same time. Thunder Technology Co LTD. is a professional resistor manufacture which produces very wide range of leaded resistors: Carbon Film Resistor, Metal Film Resistors, Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Fusible Metal Film Resistors, Wire Wound Resistors (Non-Inductive), Thick Film Resistor Networks (SIP), and other many special products.

In 1998, Thunder also stepped in Chip resistors production. Besides normal thick film and thin film resistors, Thunder focus in the innovation special specific products of ultra low resistance value, high resistance value, and super precision resistors. Now, we are very successfully provided these special products to meet all our customers’ special requests.

In 2000, Thunder started to resell Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor, MLCC. Based on more than 30 years experience in passive components market, Thunder is always able to understand what their customers really need and provide the appropriate solutions to help their customers to run their projects smoothly.

Through the high collaboration between Thunder Components Ltd. and Thunder Technology Co. Ltd's professional R&D and marketing group, we successfully popularize our high and steady quality products to more customers all over the world. The mission of Thunder Components Ltd. is providing high quality products, competitive price, and punctual delivery to satisfy our customers' different requirement.