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Thunder Components Ltd.

High Voltage Resistor

Experience the excellence of Thunder Components Ltd. as a leading manufacturer of high-quality high voltage resistor. Our extensive range of high voltage resistors includes high voltage SMD resistor, thick film high voltage resistor, and pulse withstanding resistor, designed to meet the stringent requirements of various applications. Our high voltage resistors are engineered with precision to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and precise resistance values. They are ideal for applications that require voltage regulation, power distribution, and electrical safety in industries such as telecommunications, power supplies, automotive, and more.

HVR Series

High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors

- High Reliable Multilayer Electrode Cinstruction.
- High Component and Equipment Reliability.
- Excellent Performance at High Voltage.
- Reduce Size of Final Equipment.

PWR Series

Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistors

- Tolerance from 0.5% to 5%.
- High Power Rating.
- Excellent Pulse Withstanding Performance.
- Improved Working Voltage Ratings.
- Standard Package Size from 0603 to 2512.
With advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality control, our high voltage resistors are built to withstand high voltage levels, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Whether you need high voltage resistor for circuit protection, voltage division, or surge suppression, Thunder Components Ltd. has the perfect solution for your needs. Trust us as your reliable supplier of superior high voltage resistors. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the exceptional quality and performance of Thunder Components Ltd.'s high voltage resistor offerings.
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