Power Series
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Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistors

AH Series

Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistors

AH, Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistors.

  • High Power Rating, Small Size, and Ultra-precision.
  • Standard Winding and Non-Inductive Winding Type.
  • High Stability and Strong Construction.

Wattage : 5W ~ 500W. / Tolerance : 0.1% ~ 10%.
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Type MIL Style Wartage Rating Resistance Range(Ω) MAX Wcring(V) (g)MAX Weight Proper heatisink (aluminumctassis)
AN Inauctive AHN Norrductie AH AHN
AH-5 RE60 5 0.05-3k 0.1-1k 120 70 3 152X102X51Xlt
AH-10 RE65 10 0.02-6k 0.03-2.3k 245 180 7 152X102X51Xlt
AH-25 RE70 25 0.012-15k 0.02-5.5k 500 300 15 178X127X51Xlt
AH-50 RE75 50 0.01-40k 0.02-12k 1300 500 33 305X305X1.5t
AH-100 RE77 100 0.4-50k 0.12-25k 1900 1340 450 305X305X3t
AH-250 RE80 250 0.6-80k 0.15-40k 2500 1750 800 305X305X3t

Parameters Test Conaitions Wartage Rating
Shortime OverLoad 5Xmattagerating• Ssec. △R±(0.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
Moisture Resistance Tenp 40°C moisture 95:DC100v5COHr △R±(0.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
Moisture load Life Tenp 40°C moisture 95: 1/10X wattage fating (1.5HrON-0.5HrCFF) •Repeat 1C00Hr △R±(0.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
Load Life Load Rating (Chassismounted) (1.5Hr ONO.5Hr OFF)Reapeat 1C00Hr △R±(1.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
V10r at ton 10c/s-50c/s-10c/s(1min)-2Hr each of Paralleled and right angle. △R±(0.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
Heat Resistance 275°C 2Hr △R±(0.5X+0.05Ω)MAX
Dielectric AH-5 AH-10 AH-25 1000V
AH-50 1500V
AH-100 AH-250 2500V
Ensulation Resistance Under the same test condition of Dielectric Strength. Load DC5DCV and neasure the InsulationR. 1000mΩmin
Terminal Strength (1) Pull Test(30sec Nin) AH-51kg.Ah-102.3kg.AH-25.AH-504.5kg
(2) Torque Test(5~15sec) AH-10027kg•cm. AH-250 36kg-cm